Fee Type Category Amount
Attorney’s Fee Executive/Manager (new application) $3,250
Essential Skill (new application) $3,500
Executive/Manager (renewal application) $2,750 ($2,000 for repeat client)
Essential Skill (renewal application) $3000 ($2500 for repeat client)
Executive/Manager (amendment/change of employer application) $750
Corporate Document (if the company has not applied for E status with the USCIS or has not registered with a U.S. embassy or consulate in the past 3 years) $1500 – $3500
Request for Evidence (only if requested by the government) $750 (if the request is simple, we may waive this fee)
Dependent(s) $350 per person
Applicant with criminal history or unlawful stay/employment history Varies
Expedited processing Varies
Application Fee Principal Applicant $325
Dependent(s) $290 (for the whole family)
Premium Processing $1,225
Other Costs FedEx, translation, copy, etc. As necessary


Please provide copies of the following documents. If you have provided certain document(s) before, you do not need to provide them again.

Applicant Documents:

  1. Worksheet
  2. Passport (picture page)
  3. Visa (if you have previously acquired a U.S. visa)
  4. I-797 Approval Notice (if applicable)
  5. Resume
  6. Diploma and Transcripts

Dependent(s) Documents:

  1. Passport (picture page)
  2. Visa (if you have previously acquired a U.S. visa)
  3. I-797 Approval Notice (if applicable)
  4. Birth Certificate and/or Marriage Certificate showing family relationship

Company Documents: *If your company has applied for E status at USCIS before, please provide a copy of all application documents before sending us the following documents.

<Foreign Parent Company Documents> (If applicable)

If a public company, please provide the following:

  1. Most recent Annual Securities Report

If not a public company, please provide the followings:

  1. Corporate registration documents (e.g. Articles of Incorporation)
  2. Most recent Audited Financial Statement or Tax Return
  3. List of shareholders: Please specify the nationality of the shareholders and % of shares owned.
  4. Passport (picture page) of shareholders
  5. Corporate Profile (e.g. brochure)
  6. Organizational Chart
  7. Pictures of office premises

<U.S. Entity Documents>

  1. Corporate Profile (e.g. brochure)
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. By-Laws
  4. MInutes of the meeting
  5. Share Certificate(s)
  6. Stock Ledger
  7. City Business License(s)
  8. Lease Agreement
  9. Photos of office premise
  10. Unconsolidated Audited Financial Statement or Federal Income Tax Return for the past 3 years (if applicable)
  11. Organizational Chart: Please include name and title. Please also include the applicant’s proposed position.
  12. List of employees: Please include name and title. For foreign workers, please include nationality, visa type, visa issuance date and place.
  13. Form I-9 and W2 for all employees (if applicable)
  14. Business Plan for the next 5 years
  15. Evidence of trade or investment (the followings are general samples; required documents may change depending on the company’s situation):
    1. Evidence of trade: Please provide the past 6-12 months records of the followings:
      1. Purchase Orders
      2. Invoices
      3. Bill of Lading/Waybill
      4. Bank Wire Transfer Records
      5. Pie Chart showing the % of international trade
    2. Evidence of Investment:
      1. Bank Wire Transfer Records for capital funds
      2. List of Investments: please see a sample here.
      3. Purchase Orders or Contracts
      4. Payment Receipts / Bank Wire Transfer Records
      5. Inventory Records (if applicable)
      6. Pictures of invested assets

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